Westerbouwing trail

Westerbouwing trail

In Dutch: Westerbouwingroute

Short description
A delightful short walk of half an hour through the woods of Doorwerth at the Westerbouwing. This short walk will allow you to first enjoy the forests around the Westerbouwing and then give you a view of the flood plains and the Nederrijn.

Length: 1.8 kilometers
Setting: Forest
Roads: Forest paths, vowels and asphalt
Starting point: Westerbouwing
Parking: Free at the Westerbouwing

From the Westerbouwing follow the poles with the signs “Westerbouwing”.

Route signage

History of the Westerbouwing

Photo impression of the Westerbouwing trail

uitzicht vanaf de westerbouwing
View from the Westerbouwing
paviljoen westerbouwing
Pavilion Westerbouwing