Old Acacia tree at castle doorwerth

Old Acacia tree at castle Doorwerth

This Acacia from the 17th century is located in the courtyard of castle Doorwerth. It is one of the oldest of its kind in western Europe.
Probably planted in 1678 in honor of the peace negotiations in Nijmegen by Anton I Count of Aldenburg. These negotiations ended the war with France.
On the occasion, Anton had organized a hunting party for international guests. In all likelihood, he planted in this occasion 3 acacias in his courtyard.

Origin Acacia tree

The Frenchman Verpasien Robin introduced the tree in Europe in 1635 from North America. He did so first in Paris in the Jardin des Plantes.

The other two acacias

At the end of the 19th century, two of the three were felled.

Acacia in kasteel Doorwerth
Acacia at castle Doorwerth

de verwoesting van de tweede wereld oorlog
the devastation of the second world war

A tough Acacia

The third still living tree could quietly continue to grow in the 19th century. Miraculously, he even survived the grenade fire of the Second World War. Where the castle came through a lot less well.

In 1965 Jorn Copijn, tree surgeon, took care of him. As a result, the acacia again developed a new leaf crown.

From 2010 the tree began to slope to the east side. To prevent worse, the crown was to be cut back by a third.
In 2016, the acacia was again drastically pruned to bring the crown back into balance.