Location of the Castle Doorwerth

Location of the Castle Doorwerth

Strategic location

Between the moraine and the Nederrijn between the villages Heveadorp and Renkum castle Doorwerth is located in the flood plains. From the castle, the wooded moraine is a beautiful spectacle. Originally built on an island. With this view and position a strategic place from which any ship that sailed the banks of the Rhine could be seen. This allowed the owner Berend van Dorenweerd to levy a toll.

Opening hours and rates

entree italiaanse weg doorwerth
Entrance italian way Doorwerth

Italian road

Several roads were built in the period that the castle stood here.
Most striking is the Italian road built by the Baron van Brakell. Created in 1847 to connect the castle with station wolfheze. He bears his name for the Italian characteristics, height differences and hairpin bends. This road largely in the forest is almost a walk through a fairy tale or a story of Tolkien, big old trees and a path made of old red stones.

The village

The Dorp Doorweth is now located on the moraine. Once upon a time there was a small hamlet on the fountain slot close to the castle. But in the 19th and 20th century artists and later the bourgeoisie and tourism moved to this area and built houses on the moraine.

wedding location

It is not for nothing that the castle and its surroundings are used as a wedding location. Wherein the ceremony can take place in the knight’s hall of the castle.

Station wolfheze

Station wolfheze is closely connected to the castle. When the Nederlandsche Rhijnspoorweg Maatschappij purchased the land to realize the train connection between Utrecht and Arnhem, Baron van Brakell stipulated that a station would be built on the land he sold. The Baron would like to use this station to offer its guests a pleasant journey.