Castle Doorwerth

Castle Doorwerth

Castle doorwerth captures the imagination with its rich history and “non dutch environment” .
To get there you have to go through the hilly wooded moraine. Then through the long avenue between tall trees. The castle shows its self-surrounded by moat and gardens.

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Restaurant de Zalmen

The castle offers a warm welcome with restaurant de zalmen .

Castle doorwerth
Castle Doorwerth

Castle Doorwerth in Stories

stories of the castle Doorwerth come alive in the hunting museum which in a combined exhibition depicts the history of the castle, hunting and forestry.
They take you through the history of this castle . You will get to know the former residents and owners .
The museum shows how the castle was built and has been extended and renovated.

By different events throughout the year, the castle offers an extra dimension to the story. You can then hear the stories live or become part of an adventure that takes place in the castle. View all events at castle Doorwerth

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Did you know that ghosts were seen in the castle?

If you want to complete the adventure, you can spend the night in the castle .

Museum Veluwezoom offers you a beautiful exhibition of artists from the area.